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DNA Allergy Reprogramming

A Quantum Leap in the field of Allergy Elimination


Back in 1999 my practice was located in Sedona, AZ. While there I saw many patients who would complain about their allergies. And the allergic reactions they were having. I too had struggled with allergies that started in early childhood. So I decided to embark on a course of study to learn how to perform allergy elimination techniques like:

  • Dr. Devi Nambudripad’s NAET
  • Dr. Tapas Flemming’s TAT
  • Dr. John Brimhall’s ASERT
  • Dr. Ellen Cutler’s BioSet
  • Dr’s Jaffe & Malor JMT

My introduction to the field of Allergy Elimination came during a seminar on NAET®, given by Dr. Devi S. Nambudripad.  She first developed her allergy elimination technique in 1983.

When I returned to my office in Sedona, AZ after the seminar, my rational mind was looking for explanations and resisting what I had learned. It told me there was no logical reason that this technique should work. I put everything in the closet and forgot about it.

Soon after that, a client came in with dark circles under both eyes. I jokingly asked if she and her husband had been in a fight. She sighed and said no, ‘I ate chocolate.’ She told me this happened to her every time she did. The allergy training was still fresh in my mind. I suggested we clear her for chocolate. The next week, the same client came to the office beaming and said: “Look, I ate chocolate and nothing happened.”

I was still skeptical but the results were visible. She’d eaten chocolate without having the allergy reaction she’d always had. Something had changed in her body.

I started working with patients who were having allergic reactions to common allergens from foods, pets, pollens, bacteria and viruses. Pretty soon I was treating people who were experiencing reactions that were much more severe. These were people with Candida, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Irritable Bowel, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities etc.


DNA Allergy Reprogramming may sound like a futuristic script – but is it?

I’ve seen that western medicine has been slow to embrace new quantum based healing. This is especially true of the human body which western medicine still tends to think of as a machine. With parts that are either interchangeable or no longer necessary. While decades of research show that the body is a group of energy fields surrounded by larger more encompassing fields.

I’ve found that by applying the principles of quantum physics, photomedicine and energy psychology it is possible to improve and sustain vital health and longevity. To “make the body a healthier place to live in.”


  • Quantum physics
  • Energy Psychology such as Emotional Freedom Technique and Be Set Free Fast
  • Cerebrospinal Kinesiology, a derivation of Applied Kinesiology
  • Photomedicine LED & Laser Light Therapy
  • Information from the Russian Genome Project about reprogramming DNA


My research led me to the work the Russians did on the human genome under the leadership of Dr. Pjotr Garjajev. The linguistic experts on their team reveal that a portion of the DNA (codons) actually follows the rules of basic syntax. DNA exhibits biological language skills. Further these researchers found that the codons form words and sentences. Just like our ordinary human language follows grammar rules.

Whether we realize it or not we actually talk to our DNA. And it talks back to us. It’s fascinating to imagine that the origins of language may come from our DNA.

In essence, a DNA Allergy Reprogramming clearing downloads new software into the body. Software that reprograms something the body isn’t handling normally. Such as an allergy to pets. After the software is downloaded it has to be installed. Your body does this over the following 24 to 36 hours. It can be longer in very chronic cases.

During this period old files are deleted. As this happens the body will let us know by reacting in some manner. Usually by exhibiting detox or healing symptoms. Once the installation is complete and the old files are deleted, the allergic reaction to the substance is gone. Never to return.

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  1. It is a pain free, non-invasive technique that safely removes allergies and sensitivities through a combination of Kinesiology, Chinese Medicine, Acupressure and Chiropractic techniques.

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