Low Level Laser and Pulsed Laser

Low Level Laser Therapy

At Edmonds Regenerative Medicine, Dr. Ted Edwards DC has been providing low level laser therapy to clients for decades. His knowledge and experience in low level cold laser treatment is extensive and up-to-date. The Multi-Radiance TQ Solo low level cold laser is the most inexpensive Super Pulsed Laser on the market. The TQ Solo is a sophisticated laser therapy device available for under $2,000.

What is Low Level Laser Therapy?

While few of us in the United States have heard of low level laser therapy Europeans were early adopters of this Star Trek type of therapy. 

Chronic Pain Management

Over the years I’ve learned that there are times when you cannot effect a cure. The goal is to instead ‘manage’ the health problem. It’s really much like managing your diet or managing your time. You just need the right tools for the job at hand.

Pain Clinic

I wish more people were aware of the preventive health care therapies I teach. Instead, I find most people are in need of chronic pain management. I see these kind of patients everyday and I have found level cold laser therapy is very effective for pain relief. The Multi-Radiance TQ Solo Laser I use has a specific frequency setting that the body perceives as analgesic. 

Red Light Therapy

In its infancy the only LEDs commonly available for LED light therapy  were red. Thus red light therapy was readily available to many practitioners and gained some public recognition. I started with a single Red LED flashlight. Now I used this powerful LED Light Therapy device from Sota Instruments called appropriately LightWorks.  

Led Light Therapy

BTL-Laser-with-probe-cluster used by Ted Edwards DC
BTL Pulsed Laser used clinically, by Ted Edwards DC

I experienced an aha moment during my low level laser therapy education. I learned, from first hand experience that the body likes both coherent and incoherent light. I spent a week using a very sophisticated, high end, expensive European laser (left) on my remaining Bell’s Palsy symptoms. It didn’t help me play my clarinet at all, which was what I so desperately wanted to accomplish. A few weeks later I used LED light therapy using Red and Blue LED lights. I picked up my clarinet and was able to play it for the first time in years. This made me realize that both Low Level Laser Therapy and Led Light Therapy offered viable treatments. It’s just a matter of which one works the best for a particular symptom.


Startling new Anatomical Structure Found in our Bodies

What do Bonghan Ducts and Acupuncture Meridians have in Common?

Bonghan corpuscles and ducts are named after North Korean, Kim Bong Han for his 1960-1963 discovery of an internal anatomical structure related to acupuncture points and meridians. They offer a scientific explanation for the therapeutic benefits of acupuncture and other electromagnetic based energy medicine therapies. Bonghan corpuscles and ducts (channels) contain a flowing content of DNA granules that interface with coherent biophotons to communicate and control different networks of photons.

This is a startling discovery that was unfortunately repressed by an unenlightened medical community for over 50 years. Imagine discovering an entirely new system of anatomy and histology, a network completely different from the nervous, circulatory or lymph systems. And being told, well we can’t see it and until we do it doesn’t exist. It took science nearly 50 years before anyone else could figure out another way to see Bonghan’s incredible discover. We actually have anatomical structures at acupoints referred to as Bonghan corpuscles. While Bonghan ducts are tubular structures (meridians) that connect these corpuscles | acupoints.

Not only do the corpuscles align with known acupoints the ducts travel the same path as the meridians. Further this network is distributed throughout the body including all over the surface of organs and even inside of blood and lymph vessels.  Why didn’t anyone see these structures before? Because they are very small and cannot be seen either by magnifying glass nor light microscope.

The important of this discover for me relates to my practice of an allergy elimination technique – DNA Allergy Reprogramming. For over a decade clients have found – time and time again – that their allergy symptoms were gone within 48 hours, never to return again. When I read about Fritz Popp’s and Vladimir Poponin’s work with biophotons and DNA Phantom Effect an explanation dawned on me. I realized that those of us performing the multitude of Allergy Elimination and Energy Psychology protocols were reprogramming the bodies DNA. In a sense reinstalling the original software, before it got buggy.

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Risa Kaparo’s Seminal “Awakening Somatic Intelligence”


I decided to take Rita up on her invitation to explore Somatic Learning. Chiropractic philosophy speaks of innate intelligence which seems similar to Rita’s suggestion that we can engage innate wisdom through mindfulness, or deliberate intention to transform our lives and enhance happiness, appreciation, gratitude and love.

This book is seminal in that it presents Kaparo’s life’s work which parallel’s mine in certain ways. Once of which is our understanding and integration of proprioception. When I came across the section on Proprioception I just had to share it to you . . .

Later in Kaparo’s – Awakening Somatic Intelligence she once again shares these thoughts on Proprioception . . .

“Proprioception serves as an anchor in somatic intelligence, aligning all modes of perception (visual, acoustic, olfactory, gustatory, and tactile), as well as meaning-making (feeling, thinking, anticipating, and remembering) to function in the immediacy of the present.” Kaparo suggests a quality of proprioception that is new to me. She says it is what makes us aware of our own presence enabling us to “fully embody consciousness in an awakened state, of here and now.” 

I’d like to end by sharing my and Kaparo’s thoughts on vision and proprioception. I need to begin with a preface story. Many years ago I got Lasik surgery and choose Monovision e.g. my left eye was altered to see distance while my right eye was ‘corrected’ for reading. Monovision confuses my brains ability to interpret depth perception correctly. As Kaparov’s says, “visual perception often functions incoherently by trying to replace our proprioception.” I recently got a contact lens to make my right reading eye the same as my left distance eye. And got a first hand golfing experience of how much my visual perception had been messing with my proprioception. 

I’ve been focusing on improving proprioceptive acuity of my patients for many years now.  It’s nice to learn that improving “proprioception can polarize all modes of perception, so they function more coherently and render the whole field of meaning more intelligible to us.” –  Awakening Somatic Intelligence by Rita F. Kaparo, PhD.

Stomach pain (Abdominal pain) after a Car Accident

Stomach Pain after Car Accident

It’s extremely common to experience episodes of stomach or abdominal pain after a car accident. This is largely due to the seatbelt.  As you know the safety feature of a seatbelt is that it automatically locks in place in a car accident.

Many with stomach or abdominal pain also feel nauseous after a car accident. But when you have nausea it is often due to a concussion. A lot of people complain of mild to severe dizziness after their car accident. And others find themselves experiencing anxiety attacks and panic attacks after their car accident.

Most people don’t realize they can be badly injured even in a low speed car accident. The stomach pain, is often accompanied by headaches and neck pain from whiplash. Many find that they are not mentally sharp afterwards.

Suffering a concussion after a car accident (TBI) is far more common than you’d suspect. A recent concussion survey revealed that people’s initial concussion symptoms accelerate into either Post Concussion Syndrome or PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder).

Nerve-Muscle-Bone injuries are especially noticeable. It’s not unusual to feel like you’ve been punched in the stomach, back or head. The shoulder strap can jam your neck, tear tendons and ligaments in your shoulder and even make your ribs ache.

How to Heal after a Car Accident

We offer an assortment of treatment and therapy options to help you recover from injuries sustained in a car accident. Including:

  • Physical Therapy
  • Chiropractic Manipulative Therapy
  • Cold Laser Therapy
  • LightWorks LED Therapy
  • CranioSacral Therapy
  • Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Magnetic Field Therapy
  • Nutritional Supplements

Recovering after a car accident is often something you cannot do on your own. That’s the reason we’re pleased to invite you to take our:

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