Car Accident Injury: Post Concussion Syndrome

Post-Concussion Syndrome
A Craniocerebral Car Accident Injury

A traumatic brain injury aka concussion often occurs as a result of injuries sustained in a car accident. Many don’t realize that you can have a concussion without the loss of consciousness. In fact, fewer than 10% of concussions result in a loss of consciousness. That means a concussion can occur without an actual blow to your head. This is especially true in a rear end collision that you don’t see coming. And having your head turned to the left or right at the time of impact tends to make symptoms far worse.

It is common for symptoms from car accident injuries to emerge slowly over a long period of time. You cannot tell the extent of the damage you’ve received for several weeks after the initial car crash. This is the reason many insurance companies attempt to settle cases quickly, before you have had time to realize how badly injured you really are. That’s also the reason I encourage you to schedule a free consultation and exam with me before you take an offer from your insurance company.

Post-concussion syndrome refers to the appearance of a group of symptoms following head injury, particularly mild head injury’s. These include: Any loss of consciousness, any memory loss or confusion, and any neurological deficits. After a car accident you may experience ongoing concussion symptoms that impact your daily life considerable. Such as marked mental and emotional difficulties that don’t go away in a timely fashion.

Many people report having difficult with concentration and focus. It’s common to have trouble reasoning and problem solving. Attention wonders and there’s difficulty with both short and long term memory; which is usually noticed by someone else.

Other symptoms of concussion include headache and dizziness. Late concussion symptoms include constantly feeling light-headed and being easily fatigued, irritable and frustrated. Patient also complains of anxiety with depression and persistent sleep disturbances.

 Healing Car Accident Injuries

If you suspect that you are suffering from Post-Concussion Syndrome please contact me. The therapies and healing modalities I use have proved effective at alleviating or reversing the symptoms associated with concussion. Including:

  • Magnetic Field Therapy
  • Cold Laser Therapy
  • LightWorks LED Therapy
  • Polarity Therapy
  • CranioSacral Therapy
  • Chiropractic Manipulative Therapy
  • Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Nutritional Supplements

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18 thoughts on “Car Accident Injury: Post Concussion Syndrome

  1. I had a concussion about a year and a half ago. I fell on the back of my head playin football, no helmet. I only remember when I fell, as I recall it felt like my brain was literally moving around in my school. My vision shook back and forth violently.I remember nothing that day before the accident, only after. I apparently held on to one of my friends legs while trying to stand up. After I got up, I felt dazed. My ears were ringing and I had difficulty speaking. I’d think something and nonsense would come out, although it was only for a brief moment. I rested for a bit, and my eyes were fluttering when they were closed. I was taken to a hospital where they ran a scan of my head. Not sure if it was an MRI or not, but I layed down and went into a machine. No brain bleeding was found. I experienced headaches for about 3 weeks after, they were very persistent. I also had trouble focusing and putting sentences together. A year later, I sometimes have trouble putting words together. I also blank out randomly, and have trouble remembering names of my favorite songs, which is odd. I also get migranes every so often and often feel light headed, especially when standing, although I am aware this can be related to something else. I have been in usually snappy lately, as my mom was quick to point out. I get mad for little things. However, that may be linked to my loss of sleep. Starting a few months after, I had a lot of trouble sleeping which momentarily got better, but now my sleepless nights are back. On nights I can sleep, I sleep for around 12 hours at a time. I’m tired often, but that never guarantees sleep. As for the forgetfulness , when it happens , I get very frustrated . Simple things like where I left my phone or what the name of a favorite song is gets me
    Boiling. Same goes for when I have trouble putting my words together. Both of these occur on a daily basis, and woud it not be for the fact that I get so pissed when they happen, i probably wouldn’t make such a big deal about it. These things never occured before this happened. And if they did, I never noticed th enough to get frustrated with them.

  2. I was just rear ended yesterday. Was at complete stop, lady behind me thought traffic was going and started to excellerate when she hit me. I didnt see it coming and it was a shock. Momentum flung my sunglasses off my head and a compartment drawer opened and spilled all its contents. I felt ok after, after a little while, neck was a little sore, had a very mild headache, felt tired so I rest
    d when I got home. Only thing that is worrying me is I feel so sad and overwhelmed now. I woke up at 4:30am and started crying. I have been under alot of stress, but now I feel like my problems are too heavy and I am so sad. I thought I was dealing with everything just fine, up until I was hit. After readimg this, I see that anxiety and depression can be a symptom of head injury. How long will this last until I feel normal? I dont have time to be like this for long… thank you.

  3. Hi my name is ALisha Kirkham from England, I was in road traffic accident in February this year . I hit a picec of metal which blow my front tyre causing me to go off the road and rolled my car 4 times. I was on my own in the car. I fratured the temporal styloid process bone in my kneck and had server whiplash. Since accident I have suffered from headaches, muscle spasms in arms legs face wher my eyes go into spasms. Dizziness, fatigue, sleepiness nights, pines and needles, blance problems, legs buckle , pain when muscles spasm. I had MRI on kneck and head but came back normal. Still under nerolgist who mentioned functional disorder in first meeting but not seeing again to februauary the 4 th. every day is hard and difficult and I don’t understand what’s going on with my body at all ! I am trying to go back to work tomorrow but I don’t know how I will cope supporting people with mental health illness but I need to go back and try. I wish I knew what is happening to me and why it is still happening , know body seems to want to explain . Alisha

  4. I was in a car accident on a rainy day. While sliding sideways at 40mph, I was hit by an oncoming car on the driver-side rear of mine. I was thrown through the window, clipping my head (laterally) on the door and breaking the window, on my way out. I lost consciousness, then regained it several minutes later. I was lying in the middle of the road in the rain. The following weeks included memory loss, lack of focus, fatigue, frustration and depression. But, nothing was worse than waking up and not being able to see. I mean to say there was dim light, but zero focus for hours after waking. I had no eye despairity to date. The eye thing lasted for several months as the “focus time” gradually minimized. That was nearly nine years ago. My memory, mental focus/retention and frustration continues to be poor. Also, the eye problem of focus rears it’s ugly head from time to time, although short-lived. Recently I experienced dizziness, nausea and nearly passed out while shopping with my family. These symptoms lasted for about six hours. I went to the hospital, underwent several heart/lung/H2O tests and nothing was wrong. Three days later it happened again. Nothing since, except the usual. I heard there are PTSD attributes to concussion brain injuries. I hope this story helps someone else’s understanding. I’m at a loss.

  5. Hi my name is Heather. I was in a car accident 4 months ago. The doctor I first went to thought I was making up my pain and told me to go home and rest. My car was written off and I have been in extreme pain in my neck, shoulders arms, and collarbone. Tingles occur in my right arm, and I can’t sleep at night. I also started getting migraines. I went to a physio on my own accord as the doctor didnt care… Even after I was in pain 2 weeks later. I saw another doctor and got Neck xray. Then results were okay. Saw home again and was given a CT scan. I was not told what this was for. I went it it done and results came up okay. Then I saw a oestopath on my own accord 4 months later and she told me I need a scan for my collar bone. I went back to the doctor and got a referral done for my right collar bone. He said the scans were for my neck previously. So now I probably have a life long injury that I cannot recover from due to the work of a shit doctor by the name of Mr Singh at Duff Street Med Centre in Cranbourne. I am yet to get my scans done as I have used up all my sick leave with work and I need to do it around work hours. My job is very physical so it’s no doubt causing more damage to my collar bone.
    One last thing.
    I have been very forgetful in short term memory and long term memory. Very unlike me. I have an excellent memory usually. So I am getting a brain scan done soon too
    Word of warning
    Do not allow anyone to tell you what type of pain you are in. Go to the hospital before its too late!!!!
    Much love heather

  6. I was stopped waiting to turn and was hit from behind by a fast moving jeep. The back window blew out and the front of my car hit a high curb very hard as well. Resulting in my head being jerked in two directions. I felt fine after the accident, but most of the next day was spent sleeping. The day following I drove myself to the emergency room which was a frightening thing to be doing as I became more aware of my condition. The emergency room doctor sent me home saying I had whiplash and a concussion but would feel fine in a few days and I didn’t need any head scans and to come back if I wasn’t feeling well. A few days later I was in such bad shape I couldn’t possibly drive back to the hospital. It has been more than two months since the accident. I have had a head ache for this entire time, My neck hurts most of the time and I always want to lay down to rest it. My lower and upper back hurts if I am sitting in a chair too long or walking around food shopping for instance. If I work on the computer for a period of time I am extremely tired and cant seem to recover. Last night I worked on the computer for a few hours, then slept for 11 hrs, and felt so bad when I woke up I cancelled the days event. Additionally my memory is way of as is my coordination. I often forget what the next step was in what ever I was doing or a particular work during a conversation. In writing this comment I have had to go back many times to correct all the wrong key strokes and errors which typically would not occur in my writing. I have had MRI’s, X-rays, Nerve tests, TMG, and everyone keeps telling me that all the tests seem normal. I keep asking, if everything is normal, why do I still feel so bad? I get the feeling people think I’m making this up.

  7. November 2012 we were hit by a vehicle that failed to yield. We were going 50mph when we were hit. My headhit something, either the rear view mirror, door, or front window. I had x rays the next day on head and spine. I did not black out but I was very incoherent right after. The ambulance offered to take me to hospital but my young daughter showed up at the scene and she was crying so I did not go. After a couple weeks i started noticing memory issues, and recall problems. Husband mentioned to friends that i was becoming very scatterrbrained. So i went back to dr and three weeks later physical, speech and occupational therapy began in January. It has been very helpful and I hope all people with mild tbi get the care they need. I will be going to therapy for nine weeks. I am still having intermittent awful headaches, my eyes feel like bricks, and my neck and shoulders hurt all the time. My cognitive functions are lame, and I do not want to initiate anything. I do t want to go anywhere. Light hurts, sound bothers me now as well. I hope this clears up soon. Anyway, that what’s up with me…. Kind of sucks huh?

  8. Hello, my name is Tina. My daughter and I was in a car accident in March 2012 we were hit from behind by a van traveling 70 to 75 miles per hour shoved into three cars in front of us my head was slammed on orchestrating wheel bags did not deploy.our van castigated and smashed like an accordion. I had a concussion my head was turned forthright.I had months of blank spots and blurry vision headaches nausia and vomiting I had a place at the base of my skull that when touched made me sick. I forgot so many things and could not remember things I should have as well as not remember I g New things. I had my eyes checked thought my vision was just getting worse on their own. I get agitated for no reason and it is always when I am dizzy. It has been over a year and I am still getting nauseated and dizzy. It comes and goes. I don’t sleep well and I still feel there is something wrong. I am worried

  9. I can empathize with all of you!

    I am going on 9 months since being rear ended.

    PCS is a roller coaster. But it is real…and you are not going crazy!

    It is a very isolated feeling and there is a lot of self doubt.
    Things WILL get better…
    you will have LOTS of relapses…but you will make it through.

    I am still trying to get to know the “new” me….
    I miss the old me…but I am working on acceptance.

    I joined an amazing Facebook group….
    Thank goodness I found them….
    it was the validation I needed.

    It feels good to share the ups and downs…and to know your not alone.

    Feel free to request to join… it has been so helpful and everyone is so nice.

  10. To all post concussive victims. Doctors and Lawyers in Florida are all in cahoots with and afraid of the monster insurance companies. I was unaware of the 80,000lb commercial vehicle bearing down on me at the red light . The rearend collision felt like my eyes were blown out of my head. Had to wait half hour for police and traffic was slowed during my awakening. My truck was not totaled but bumper into bed and sidewalls buckled. Next day it all began to go downhill and doctor used up my PIP auto with tests and procedures that only aggravated injury . I could not perform my contracting work and gave up my business. Now, three years later , concussion headaches turned into ringing and stinging in my head with pins and needles severe enough to make me cry. I am 55 yrs old now and have almost lost hope. Lawyer quit me at mediation and settled case for $34,000 although trucking company held $5million in liability. As you would suspect all CT and MRI were negative for brain even though top vertebrae was broke in half and every disc herniated . God is speaking to me in my Dreams and preparing me for the final curtain. My advice to everyone is to love and never hate for Hate destroys the Hater. Never sign away your rights to those bastards and don’t settle for less . With love and conviction , Richard Wilkes.

  11. Thank you Sabrina. You helped me more than you know with your comments.
    I suffered a concussion after what I thought, was a minor car accident. This was four and a half months ago. Some days I feel ok, with some symptoms, but definitely functionable. Other days I feel like I’ve gone back ten steps in my recovery. I tell myself I should be better by now. My doctor says I should be better. I saw a neurologist and she said I’m fine. She put in her report that people who have pending law suits tend to recover much slower than those who do not. You talk about self doubt! My family sees my struggles but doctors seem to think it’s not real. I tell myslef that as Sabrina says, this is the new me and I am working on accepting the new me and finding a way to learn to live with the new me, modify areas of my life. I am on a gradual return to work plan with my employer but fear I am never going to be able to do my work as competently as I did pre accident. When my brasin is done, it’s done. I cannot look at another computer, phone, book, TV….nothing. It’s a feeling that is completely indescribable. Then I am so tired and spent I can’t function. it’s like I’m drunk.

    I have no one to talk to about this because, well I’m supposed to be fully recovered by now. All I’m trying to do now is fine a support group or a group of people who can relate and when I read others posts, it validates that I’m not crazy and I am truly feeling this.

    I don’t know what I expect from posting this but just reading that I am not crazy and that doctors don’t know everything.

    Thank you

  12. Was T-Boned and spun around in December. Felt ok initially. The very next day I had trouble with my breathing, and was very tired. Concussion diagnosed, and two weeks later had 2 stents installed, after a mild heart attack. I still can’t get my breath when exercising, but they aren’t finding anything to cause this. Is it normal to have breathing issues with a concussion?

  13. Thank u for ur stories. I am tired of the “it happens to me. It’s just old age” comments. I am mid 50’s. Now 15 months later still short term memory issues. Migraines. Back issued. Third time rear ended in 10 yrs when fully stopped. First time with concussion issues. Head turned left watching man and dog walk across pedestrian crossing at mall. Hit at 30 km by 1970′ s van –made them of metal at that time not flimsy like now. Driver said “built like a tank”. Looked away for a second he said. Dropped something as he stood there he said.,with cell in hand. My 1998 van folded like accordion in back and side. Room top Yakima Carrier support bars collapsed with impact so carrier now laying on room of my van. So stories differ BUT our emotional and physical realities are shared. Was noon dec 24 2014. I don’t drive anymore pre stat or post stat holiday. People not focused on road and in a big rush for their time off

  14. My daughter was in a terrible car accident and is having side effects of headaches nausea and dizziness. Her doctor has prescribed Xanax as she has also developed horrible panic attacks.

  15. I’m 21 years old and live in BC, Canada. Like the other commenters here, I too was in an accident; I was at a complete stop in traffic when a large SUV drove into the back of my car at around 15 km/h. My head was not against the headrest, so when the SUV hit me, my head slammed into the back of that headrest. I didn’t feel anything at first, likely because of adrenaline, but the next day, I had a bad headache and my neck was killing me. Went to a chiropractor, and they said I had plenty of soft tissue injury and some minor issues with my spine, but no concussion. I’m beginning to doubt that I don’t have a concussion now, however, because I’m getting new symptoms – before, I was a little lightheaded and had headaches, but now I’m having trouble with my attention span / focus / short-term memory, and my depression has worsened greatly. I have no energy to do anything right now and I nap frequently during the day – luckily I am currently on break from college, so I’m not missing anything, but that’s the least of my worries. I received a call from the driver that hit me yesterday, asking for the cost of repair for my car, and not only do I not want to speak with them, but I don’t even think I should be calling them back until I contact a lawyer, speak with my chiro again, and get my head checked properly. I don’t want to take any payments or settle too early. I’m very scared at this point. I hope nothing serious is happening to me.

  16. Alex = Hope you followed your course of action. Not talking to insurance, finding a lawyer and getting a concussion exam from your chiropractor. Might want to add a Biodynamic CranioSacral practitioner to your recovery team.

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