Success Stories

Dr. Ted, that was one of the best chiropractic treatments I’ve ever had. My lower back felt terrible all the time. It hurt so bad I couldn’t do the gardening I love so much. But thanks to the time and effort you put into figuring out what was really causing my lower back pain I was able to rid that pain for good. — Sally J. 44 – Kirkland, WA

I’m usually pretty skeptical by nature. When a friend at work told me that they’d made more progress with you in two weeks than they had with their previous providers in six-months I thought they were exaggerating. Turns out they weren’t. I’ve tried so many ways to relieve my shoulder pain. I’ve seen chiropractors, physical therapists, accupunturists you name it. In only 5 visits my shoulder pain completely subsided. I’m so happy with the results I’ve recommended you to my family and friends.
Martha S. 30 – Auburn, WA

I was a CA for a DC who does Energy Medicine for five years and I know my Chiropractic. I “coach” cancer patients. I just share how I went from a terminal diagnosis with a very short time to live, to an almost full-recovery (I WILL be cancer-free) with others who realize that you can’t cut, burn and poison and ailing body back to health and that indeed, the body was designed to heal itself and it will if you give it the chance. The first thing I do is get on the net and then the phone to find them a DC who really knows his stuff.

If get someone in WA, I will be sending them to your website asap. You are the kind of doctor who is making a difference in this world. You have the admiration of a complete stranger. May all the forces of the Universe come to your aid.  —Kathleen, CA