Biophotons, your Light Body and Consciousness

Biophotons and Consciousness

A presentation by Alexander Popp
son of Fritz-Albert Popp


Light Therapy – Absorbing Light is Healing

The complex processes that a living body performs is driven by biophotons. These processes appear to involve the mind informed and regulated by our consciousness. I suspect that Biophotons are absorbed our bodies Bonghan System which may be the bodies primary regulator.

Energy Healing

Not to long ago, no one believed nor could imagine that cells emitted light. But much like the Earth turned out to be round, not flat. Cells were indeed found to emit and absorb light. A notion we are still coming to grips with in using light treatment as a therapeutic medicine.

We first learned how to see light emitted by Plants through a process called Kirlian photography.  Which turns out to be pretty strong. Plants emit about 10,000 photons of light per second which was described as an aura. According to Popp, rather than emit light, we absorb light and use light to keep ourselves the ordered, coherent, living system we are. We absorb the light and use it inside to drive the biocommication that drives the diverse interactions of life. Plants emit light while we retain light.

Phototherapy and Color Therapy

The spectrum of light moves from healing infrared light to destructive UV light rays. Not only is UV light damaging to the skin, but many are allergic to UV light breaking out in itchy bumps.Therapeutically light therapy is provided by colored lasers and LED lights. The first low level lasers provided red light therapy. It took many years to make violet lasers and more recently we are seeing green lasers being used therapeutically. LED light therapy s provides blue light therapy

 Popp suggests that Cancer actually steals the light needed by our bodies. It takes over oganization from the body by sucking in light it uses to organize itself and in a strange paradox kills the host and itself in the process. I must say this really doesn’t make any sense that bodies would do this. It is completely unnatural and one cannot help but be concerned that we are being induced and manipulated to have Cancer. Perhaps there is no cure for cancer because it is a population control device.

One interesting finding about people who meditated was they had consistently lower photon emission indicating that they were using light internally and that they were absorbing more energy.