Benefits of Kinesio-Tape

As we age we tend to focus more on how to get healthy. But ever once in a while life puts a crimp in your ability to walk, ran, dance or play. Taping is being used by more and more practitioners because it is so effective and simple. 

Kinesio-Taping injuries, conditions, ailments is proving to be an effective way to assist the body in it’s healing process.  The special properties of this new kind of tape along with how it is applied supports muscles so they stop emitting pain signals and kinesio-taping also stimulate the proprioceptive system. To improve a clients proprioceptive acuity I use my highly effective Propriocussion protocol and support the patient in-between visits kinesiology tape.

You may have noticed Olympic athletes, Professional Sports figures and even your friends at the Gym wearing colored tapes. Why? Because kinesio-tap is an effective means of treating conditions such as sprains, strains, sore muscles, swelling, poor posture and so much more

Kinesiotaping benefits include allowing the body to heal faster by reducing swelling and inflammation, increasing circulation, improving proprioception and enable the body to move and function better.

Here'a a few ways I apply tape for low back pain from some great mentors.