Startling new Anatomical Structure Found in our Bodies

What do Bonghan Ducts and Acupuncture Meridians have in Common?

Bonghan corpuscles and ducts are named after North Korean, Kim Bong Han for his 1960-1963 discovery of an internal anatomical structure related to acupuncture points and meridians. They offer a scientific explanation for the therapeutic benefits of acupuncture and other electromagnetic based energy medicine therapies. In 2010 Bonghan corpuscles and ducts (channels) were renamed by the South Korean researchers who had picked up the gauntlet and rediscovered Dr. Kim’s work. They named it the Primo Vascular System. Inside of which flows DNA granules that interface with coherent biophotons to communicate and control different networks of photons.

This is a startling discovery that was unfortunately repressed by an unenlightened medical community for over 50 years. Imagine discovering an entirely new system of anatomy and histology, a network completely different from the nervous, circulatory or lymph systems. And being told, well we can’t see it and until we do it doesn’t exist. It took science nearly 50 years before anyone else could figure out another way to see Bonghan’s incredible discover. We actually have anatomical structures at acupoints referred to as Bonghan corpuscles. While Bonghan ducts are tubular structures (meridians) that connect these corpuscles | acupoints.

Not only do the corpuscles align with known acupoints the ducts travel the same path as the meridians. Further this network is distributed throughout the body including all over the surface of organs and even inside of blood and lymph vessels. Why didn’t anyone see these structures before? Because they are very small and cannot be seen either by magnifying glass nor light microscope.

The important of this discover for me relates to my practice of an allergy elimination technique – DNA Allergy Reprogramming. For over a decade clients have found – time and time again – that their allergy symptoms were gone within 48 hours, never to return again. When I read about Fritz Popp’s and Vladimir Poponin’s work with biophotons and DNA Phantom Effect an explanation dawned on me. I realized that those of us performing the multitude of Allergy Elimination and Energy Psychology protocols were reprogramming the bodies DNA. In a sense reinstalling the original software, before it got buggy.

DNA uses biophotons for intercellular communication. Various organs and tissues are known to emit biophotons as an electromagnetic signal. This EM signal is carried over the Bonghan network sending messages throughout the body. It is my interpretation that messages carried in the Bonghan network propagate to the nervous system and thus are primary to and initiate nervous system communications.

Another hypothesis is the non-coding ‘Junk’ DNA acts as a photon store and coherent light-wave generator. This means that DNA produces long-range very low frequency electromagnetic wave signals that explain the basis of self organization, mitosis and differentiation on a biological level.

One of the physiological effects attributed to the Bonghan system is that of cell therapy. They regenerate cells in damaged tissues with the therapeutic effects achieved by the DNA granules flowing through the ducts which act as optical channels for what L. Montagnier et al describe as DNA wave genetics which I will discuss in another post.

In my studies of Quantum physics and how it can be applied to Wellness and Well-Being the Bonghan physiology represents a new quantum communication paradigm. The flow of DNA granules emit biophotons as extremely low frequency electromagnetic waves that travel along optical channels for communication and control of our biological system (body) as a whole.