In 1978 I was Introduced to Polarity Therapy one of the Pioneering BioField Therapies

It's interesting how language changes over time. Thirty years ago I was reading the works of Dr. Randolph Stone's Polarity Therapy. He spoke of energy fields, atomic energy, illustrated with diagrams and charts that are more relevant today then ever.

A couple of days ago my wife was making me a 'rack card' to promote my Chiropractic practice. In it she used the term Biofield Therapy. I remember the first time I heard the word Polarity Therapy. It was uttered by a beautiful girl on a Sandles resort beach in Kauai oh some many years ago. I started to see the word Polarity Therapy again and again after our meeting. It led me to read Gestalt Therapy by Fritz Perls.

It was Thanksgiving 1978 when I arrived at the Polarity Institute in Mt Shasta, CA. Snow was on the ground. A large dome covered the outdoor pool. It was rustic, primitive and I loved it. I enrolled in a 6 week Basic Polarity Therapy training. Which lead to an 8 week practitioners program followed by a lengthy teaching certification program. 

Dr.Stone was an esoteric soul who traveled the world seeking an answer. The question was, what is the common link between all healing modalities? Between all therapies given by any type of doctor. His answer "Energy."
He spoke of and showed diagrams and charts of "Energy Fields." How they worked in the body. His work included detailed information on Chakras. He spoke of life-force, prana and chi. Now all of these are considered part of your Biofield

Biofield Therapy – has been presented to the NIH and received funding from them for its study. Biofield therapies include Polarity Therapy, Reiki, Qigong and so many more well known healing practices. 

I missed the NIH's introduction of the term Biofield in 1994 and its subsequent acceptance by the US national Library of Medicine as a medical subject heading.  As I dig into this topic further I am surprised to find that there's a Center for Frontier Medicine in Biofield Science that is investigating applications of biofield therapies.

So here it is 30 years later and "Biofield: the endogenous energy field of the body." Funny thing is no one understand what Dr. Stone meant by energy field. In my view, most people still don't. And even fewer will comprehend the true meaning of Biofield Therapy. 

There were many take home messages I absorbed during this metaphysical period of my life. Dr. Stone spoke of frequency. He described how frequency transmitted information within the bodies energy fields (biofields). It's frequencies such as those from an MRI and CAT that are turned into information that we use to diagnosis disease.

In the allergy elimination techniques, such as Instant Allergy Relief, frequency information is used for treatment by entering specific frequency patterns into the Biofield through an externally applied electromagnetic field carrier.

For Dr. Stone and many others removing energy blocks is the key to healing the ills and ailments that plague mankind. Brain waves depend on oscillations of extra low frequencies (ELF). These ELF oscillations are involved in neuron synchronization and circadian rhythms. They coordinate and organize biochemical reactions.

Throughout history healers have explored the use of frequencies and oscillations as a medium for removing energy blocks and restoring homeostasis. Color Therapy was developed when it was discovered that the frequencies of light had noticeable affects on the health of the body. An entire discipline was developed and widely accepted and used even in the United States. That was until the advent of the American Medical Association, who probable doesn't like the term Biofield much either.

The past 30 years has also brought forth Biofield Therapies based on technology that didn't exist previously. We all know that our CD/DVD players use a laser to take information from a disc which is read by a machine and turned into music and movies. We no longer think twice about those laser scanners at the market that tally the cost of our groceries and print out a receipt. These are cold lasers.

Turns out that someone discovered that shining one of these cold red lasers on a sore body part reduced and with subsequent application eliminated the pain. Cold Laser therapy, another Biofield therapy has developed by leaps and bounds over the past 15 years. Highly accepted and used throughout Europe the US has, as usual, lagged behind in its understanding and use of this therapy.

Another way of applying healing frequencies to the biofield is through bioresonance such as that produced by Scenar devices which were first developed in Russia over 30 years ago. Scenar devices have gone through progression of innovation, research, study and application. Here's another word I'd never heard of until just recently. The more I read, the more i wanted one. The more I use the one I got the more I want to use it. 

Last but not least I hope we all understand the powerful application of the frequencies of sound, of music. Whether it's tuning forks, singing bowls or our favorite song or singer – music has a profound affect on our energy fields and it a powerful biofield therapy. One I'm going to go enjoy right now.