Ankle, Knee and Leg Pain

Are Ankle, Knee and Leg Pain Interfering with your Activities?

Have you ever wondered why you sprained your ankle after your knee started hurting? Over time you probable sprained it again. Your ankle, knee and leg muscles became inherently weak.

What did you do about this? You ignored it. After all. if your like most people. you’re more likely to pay attention to that screeching noise when you press down on the break pedal of your car. than you are to fixing your body. Yes, it’s unfortunate, but taking care of your body is often a lower priority than taking care of your car.

Clients often ask me if they should stretch or exercise when they are recovering from an ankle, knee or leg injury. They don’t realize that their muscles, bone, joint imbalance means that the strong will get stronger and the weak will get weaker. They actually end up straining the part of the body they’re hoping to strengthen. The other problem is most of us also have a dominant side. I am much more comfortable working on my clients from the left side of the table. And I’m pretty certain my right arm is more coordinated than my left, even though I’m left handed. That’s the reason I use Proprioceptive Therapy to instantly balance both sides of the part of the body I’m working to correct.

For people coming off surgery the unique Proprioceptive Therapy I offer is a god send. It’s a safe, effective completely stress free way to restore muscle strength and motor control without stirring up any irritation.

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