Car Accident Injuries bring on Panic Attacks

Many people who suffer an auto accident injury start having unexplained panic attacks and find themselves in need of anxiety therapy. The attacks come under the broader heading of anxiety disorders. They are also common in women who have been physically abused.

One of my clients asked if I could stop panic attacks that had been occurring on a regular basis since her initial car accident injury 9 months previous. They came out of no-where, with no warning. She did not know what would triggers them nor when they would stop.

The other day I came across a study from Barcelona, Spain that linked anxiety disorders to a gene abnormality. It was published in Cell 2001. The researchers found that people with anxiety disorders such as panic attacks and agoraphobia appear to have a genetic mutation that makes them susceptible to these conditions.

As a chiropractor, I found it significant that this genetic mutation is also present in people with laxity of their joints. Clinical I see cases of ligament laxity all the time. Especially in clients with traumatic auto injuries.

The scientists studied the genome of 93 people who had anxiety (panic/phobic) disorders, hyperlaxity, or both of these disorders. They found a region of chromosome 15 that was improperly duplicated – called DUP25. It contained high numbers of repetitive sequences known as “duplicons.”

This DUP25 mutation was found in 72% of 93 subjects tested. The mutation occurred in 90% of the patients with anxiety disorders and 87% of those with joint laxity. All those who had panic attacks carried DUP25.

The study was repeated with another group of 70 unrelated patients and the DUP25 mutation was present in 68 of this group. In the control group, the duplication was found in only 14 of 189.

They also found that the neurotrophin 3 receptor (NTRK3) gene which is contained inside DUP25 was found to be over-expressed. Because this gene has a role in behavioral arousal in response to stimuli an over expression could trigger panic attacks.

Integrating this information I decided to see if an Instant Allergy Relief clearing for DUP25would be an effective anxiety therapy. I cleared the young lady I mentioned earlier for any genetic mutations of the DUP25 gene on chromosome 15 (15q24-26) along with the neurotrophin 3 receptor gene.

As so often happens with an Instant Allergy Relief clearing the result was better than either of us expected. She called me a couple of days after the clearing to say that she was driving with her daughter many miles outside of her designated comfort zone and felt completely calm and relaxed. This coming from a person who had to have someone else drive her any place further than a few miles from her home. Now there aren’t any anxiety depression treatments that produced apanic cure like this within 48 hours that I know of.

She asked me to go public with this information as she knows that there are many people who are suffering from the same kind of panic attacks that she’s been overwhelmed by so many times in the past 9 months.

“People deserve to know that there is a simple, fast effective way to Stop Panic Attacks that doesn’t involve drugs and months of useless psychotherapy”, she said.

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