Why do we heal slowly after a Car Crash?

After an auto injury from a auto accident your body immediately begins releasing large amounts of relaxin that spreads throughout your body. Relaxin is a polypeptide cytokine that is present in both males and females It’s main action is to increase the turnover of fibrous connective tissues e.g. ligaments and tendons. It does this by altering collagen metabolism in fibroblasts

Increased ligament laxity and decreased muscle strength are both associated with the presence of relaxin.

When we receive traumatic auto injuries, such as those sustained in a rear end car accident, the body releases relaxin which binds to ligaments increasing the amount and rate of ligament movement. This is a protective measure the body employs, but it creates a condition known as ligament laxity which actually slows the healing process. There is some evidence that excess ligament laxity may predispose a joint to osteoarthritis.

Relaxin binds to injured ligaments and does so more in females than it does in males. This is likely due to the fact that relaxin is also a primary hormone released during pregnancy that enables the female pelvis to widen in order to accommodate passage of the child through the birth canal.

So why does the body release relaxin when it causes ligament laxity?

The answer is actually simple. Relaxin improves the functional healing and recovery of muscles subjected to a traumatic injury, thus speeding the healing process. Relaxin enhances muscle regeneration and improves injured muscle strength while at the same time decreasing the formation of fibrosis thus reducing potential scarring.

However, an injured muscle often does not fully recover its strength because complete muscle regeneration is hindered by the development of fibrosis.

At Edmond Chiropractic Allergy Clinic I employ a Sensory-Motor integration approach to someone suffering from auto-injury. The application of percussive therapy I employ instantly strengthens week muscles, it increases the blood flow and helps relaxin do its job even more effectively.

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