Chiropractic Back Therapy brings Back Relief

Make going to a Chiropractic Dr. for back therapy to attain back relief your first line of defense. A pinched back nerve can be the ultimate drag. It can interfere with and keep you from enjoying many things in life: at work, home, sports, even sleep and sex.

Millions of Americans seek some kind of back therapy to alleviate their suffering from a bulging disc or slip disc. Lifting injuries, car accidents, falls, sports and gardening cause people to seek back relief from a Chiropractic Dr. Some back problems like sciatica seem to have appeared for no good reason at all.

Chiropractic back therapy releases muscle spasms that cause you to use your buttocks or hamstring muscles because your back extensor muscles aren’t working. As a back chiropractor I’ve found it’s important to check and release a locked up big toe. This prevents your foot from throwing off your gait which in turn twists your sacrum and pelvis knocking out your low back.

Low back problems and injuries are the number one work-related injury in the nation. It may be important for you to know that in Washington, all work-related injuries treated by a Chiropractic Dr. are covered for treatment costs by labor and industry insurance, even without taking a single day off on disability.

If you ignore a spinal problem, it inevitably degenerates. The vertebrae build up with calcium deposits, which is degenerative joint disease or osteoarthritis. Permanent damage occurs. It is important that you be examined correctly and treated for a spinal injury. The spine is the lifeline of nerves that serve your entire body and it is essential for your health.

The underlying problems people seek back therapy for can vary. A pinched nerve, a ligament tear, a twisted vertebra, even a damaged spinal disc are the primary reasons I see people. They want back relief from the numbness, the pain that shoots down a leg, or problems from nerve compression affecting the bladder, female organs, intestines or prostate gland. Symptoms you might not at first think of, like constipation or infertility may be the result of low back spinal problems.

new low back injury is best dealt with properly as soon as possible. It is easier and faster to provide back therapy to a spine that is not allowed the time to adapt and compensate to a problem.

When your low back pinches the nerve that runs down the back of your leg – the sciatic nerve, it is a painful and severe condition called sciatica. Sciatica can be corrected with the most advanced chiropractic procedures.

Chronic pain is bad for your attitude and hard on your smile. It is a stress factor that runs down your adrenal glands, and leaves you under-rested and over-stressed.

Nearly all low back pains and condition are correctable and curable. The new advanced techniques from Applied Kinesiology, the chiropractic specialty that developed muscle-testing as a diagnostic method are employed at our clinic.

A new breakthrough back therapy we call Propriocussion enables us to provide back relief to patients who have been plagued by pain for years. Even for people who feel they have already tried everything and done it all. That includes patients who have seen lots of other physicians, orthopedists’ and physical therapists, even those who have treated with other chiropractors before finding us.

Patients with a bulging disc, slipped disc, or other disc injuries or disease – the worst of spine problems – now have a superior alternative to surgery or just living with severe unrelenting pain or numbness. With the specialized disc techniques used in our office, nerve pressure can be eliminated. Then the patient can return to an active and even athletic life.

Nutritional supplementation is invaluable in healing many back conditions. You can repair ligaments, discs and nerves faster with the correct nutritional therapy. Muscle spasms and pain can be reduced better with nutrients than with drugs.

It is unnecessary to live with chronic pain that harms your general health and detracts from your quality of life. Getting chiropractic back therapy to correct a low back problem before it degenerates into a more serious condition is definitely the way to go.

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  1. I never realized that degeneration was possible just because you didn’t get your back treated. I will have to have my father look into getting his back treated (he was in a recent accident), since he has chronic back pain. I need to protect myself too, and will consider this for myself as well. Thanks for sharing this information.

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