Do you have Lower Back Pain? Lumbago?

I’m often surprised when the person says: “Oh, it’s been bothering me for years. I just figured this was normal.”

It’s not normal to be in any kind of pain. It’s not normal to have heart disease, diabetes, allergies, autism or any other illness or disease. Most of the time back pain is related to mental or emotional beliefs that are no longer serving you. Beliefs are often LIES that end up endangering our health. Most often they are related to lack of sex or money.

The spine is an engine that provides the motive power we need to use our legs to walk or run. This spinal engine enables us to use our shoulders and arms to perform all of the tasks our upper extremties perform yet we take forgranted.

Low back pain is tied together with structural distorations of the sacrum, the pelvis, both knees and several important joints in our feet. It’s also often times directly connected to problems in the neck that are being transferred down to the low back. One almost has to be a detective to figure out who is causing what. Yet every imbalance in the body is linked together in a predictible pattern that I find easy to identify and even easier to fix. In general anytime you experience pain, decreased motion, inflexibility or inbalance you’re dealing with an energy block.

In my development as an energy healer I have learned a number of ways to solve low back pain issues. Which one I use depends on the your specific needs.

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