Fibromyalgia: Probable Causes, Profound Treatments

The Yeast Anti-biotic Connection

Dr. Ted Edwards, as well as many other health professionals, have found that the underlying cause of fibromyalgia is a yeast-fungal infection usually related to antibiotic usage.

This causes the body to react to various toxins. It disturbs ones sleep. There are noticeable changes in muscle metabolism due to various vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Nervous system interference and dysfunction become the norm. Abnormalities occur in the endocrine glands which alters hormonal balance and disrupts energy production. The intestinal tract is inflicted with dysbiosis and leaky gut. Patients with fibromyalgia are more prone to injury or trauma and to infectious diseases due to their immune system dysfunction. They are often extremely stressed such that their adrenal and thyroid glands are exhausted. This along with bouts of anxiety and depression leads to a variety of traumatic emotional experiences. Many patient with fibromyalgia also experience chronic fatigue.


While the typical treatment for fibromyalgia often includes exercise, rest, heat therapy and massage these are largely ineffective. Magnesium is important for cellular energy (ATP) production. It is also helpful  for relaxing tense muscles such as those found in Fibromyalgia. Dr. Edwards offers a fibromyalgia recovery program, a new approach using allergy elimination technique s gleaned from years of study and research. His natural therapies, dietary modifications and nutritional supplementation support overall health, provide relief of symptoms, and are free of significant side effects.

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