Shoulder Injury – Rotator Cuff

Passive Range of Motion

Rotator Cuff Surgery

I’ve been following a clients rehabilitation after a very complicated surgery to repair his rotator cuff tear. The first rehab therapy his Physical Therapist began was passive range of motion. 

The SLINGPROM enables the patient to actively participate in their own rehab. You are essentially passively moving your own arm yourself and this leads to much less subconscious guarding during rotator cuff repair.

After a few to several weeks of passive therapies your surgeon and physical therapist will encourage you to start moving your recovering arm on your own. Movements will be limited based on the level of the surgical intervention. This is a stage when you can use the SlingPROM while holding weight thus loading the arm, but still moving it passively. Thus we progress to Active Assisted Range of Motion and finally Active Range of Motion.