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  • Polarity & CranioSacral Therapies
  • DNA Reprogramming (DARe)
  • Cerebrospinal Kinesiology
  • Brainwave Breathing
  • Programmed Coherent Water
  • Twelve Chakra Activations
  • Activate your Tree of LOVE Orbs

Hi, I'm Dr. Ted Edwards. I started my study of Energy Medicine in 1977 when I was introduced to Dr. Randolph Stone’s Polarity Therapy. In his thesis “The Wireless Anatomy of Man” Stone taught the primary diagnosis, no matter what label an illness or ailment was given, is there’s either too much or too little energy.

He diagramed the bodies energy fields, teaching me about Chakra’s, Chi / Prana, Acupuncture Points & Meridians. And I intuitively felt this was the future of medicine. The progress in the field of Energy Medicine has been fairly fast paced although the acceptance by the general public has been a little slow to follow.

I offer highly effective therapies that treat your physical body, your emotional body, your energy body and your light body. My perception is that each of us is primarily a Vibrational being. Each of our senses interprets vibrational frequencies to see, feel, touch, taste and smell the world we interact with. That’s the reason that the therapies that work the best are based on delivering healing frequencies into the body as energetic vibrations of light, touch and magnetism that stimulates the bodies innate healing powers.

Do You Suffer from Allergies?

2014-11-20_09-06-35Dr. Edwards is the creator of DNA Allergy Reprogramming (DARe) a technique that completely eliminates allergies and totally stops the allergic reactions they cause. DNA Allergy Reprogramming eliminates any allergy - often in just one 30 minute treatment. It is simple, safe, and proven.

Offering Therapies for your Physical,
Emotional, Energy and Light Bodies

Most people are motivated to seek help after their energy is so out of balance that they can no longer return to the healthy vibrational state they once had on their own accord.

Sometimes you are unaware of what you are doing to yourself in the early vibrational stages of dis-ease. You end up giving yourself over to negative e-motion that overwhelm you and make you less appreciative of your Self. This is a time when you need help getting realigned with your inspiration. For it only takes a slight shift in your vibrational frequency to tune into a different channel - one that is aligned with love, appreciation, joy and health.

2014-11-20_09-18-43Physical Body: Over the years I've discovered that restoring proprioception is the fastest way to get the physical body functioning optimally again. While I do perform traditional Chiropractic adjustments for those who request them, my primary method of restoring proprioceptive acuity is via a vibrational therapy I call Propriocussion which resets the neuromusculoskeletal system.

It is a powerful technique that stimulates, activates and regulates the bodies proprioceptive system. This in turn leads to significant improvement and restoration of functions lost or impaired as a result of a disease, injury, or surgical procedure.

Two articulating joint surfaces cannot function or interact optimally when they are misaligned.

Emotional Body: Many years ago I was introduced to the field of Energy Psychology. It has grown and grown with thousands of practitioners helping millions of clients to release phobias, emotions, and charged memories in a matter of minutes instead of months or years. We offer two vibrational tapping protocols Emotional Freedom Technique and DNA Reprogramming for Emotions.

It is the emotional microscope that takes one into the vibrational depths of things.

2014-11-20_09-14-55Energy and Light Body: It’s recently been rediscovered that we have an anatomical circulatory system that carries DNA and RNA granules. These structures originally called Bonghan ducts and corpuscles is now referred to as the body’s Primo Vascular System. It is biophotonic and constitutes a physical energy body that was originally discovered by Kim Bong Han a North Korean scientist in 1960-1963. In what can only be called a great disservice to humanity Bonghan’s new anatomy was ignored and it’s only been during the last few years that other scientists finally figured out there own means of verifying his work.

Your Primo Vascular System responds to vibrational therapies such as colored light therapy (LightWorks LED and TQ Solo Laser) and very low frequency magnetic therapies like our Magnetic Pulser.


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